Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Derby Business School gets fresh new film

We've just created this new film for Derby Business School, part of the University of Derby.
It was a fairly big task. Toothpix had one day to film as much material as possible, mixing time lapse footage with more traditional filming work. We then had to combine this with video and photography shot over a six year period by the University's film team to really sum up the draw and quality of the school.

The film had to create a fresh new look for the Business School, but it was also important that it followed the University's brand guidelines. 

We needed to get a lot of information across in a short time, opting for infographics (animated facts and figures) carried by a great voiceover to do this. To tie all the video and photographs together so that they felt part of the same project, we altered the colours to match and then added the cool transitions between shots to give a real sense of continuity.

The film was made on a tight deadline (aren't they always?) and has already been shown at an open day event, as well as being hosted on the University's YouTube channel.