Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Mystery solved!

We received this email from Courtesy, the mother of Nancy (star of 'All That Glitters - read below for more on that):

" I saw your news article, which I can shed light on.  The thing through the post is what's apparently a Christmas card for you and your wife from Nancy, reason she didn't put her name on is because, well, you know, everyone in the world knows Nancy and I didn't change it because well, frankly I quite like how she does things and she should be herself and I knew you'd find out sooner or later, so there you are, mystery solved - she was really happy to see it on the site though, better than a fridge!"

All That Glitters receives its premiere on April 22nd at QUAD cinema in Derby from 5-6pm. If you'd like a ticket, get in touch fast as it's looking like it will be a fully booked screening!

The film is a dark fantasy playing with the Narnia theme. Playing alongside will be the Toothpix film 'Daybreak, Nightfall' which was shot on equipment loaned from the University of Derby as part of the prize Owen won with his short Labyrinth Derbicus, as well as films from three other local film directors.