Wednesday, 25 November 2009

First Prize Award in Derby film competition!!!!

This weekend, Owen Tooth (directing) teamed up with James Knott to enter the Five Lamps 24 Hour Film Festival. Contestants had exactly 24 hours to shoot and edit a three minute film. All films were screened at QUAD, followed by the award ceremony. There were some brilliant films entered and it was a fantastic shock to take first place by unanimous decision from the judges ahead of stiff competition.

Labyrinth Derbicus from Toothpix on Vimeo.

The prize includes free use of the University of Derby's RED camera for the next Toothpix short, currently looking set to shoot in February - as well as free cinema tickets and membership to QUAD for a year.

The film stars long time collaborator Jon Glentoran as a Wizard who uses magic to perform the simplest tasks. It was written by Stephen Loveless. Watch the film, titled 'Labyrinth Derbicus' and drop us an email if you enjoyed it.

In other news, Toothpix has just been awarded FIVE STARS by the East Midlands Brokerage Platform, a Quality Assurance programme that allows publicly funded bodies to recommend Toothpix for film work.